Around 10 years ago I fell in love with philanthropy and getting others involved in social change

However, once I decided that I wanted to help lead the social change movement I recognized that I had a long ways to go to become a social cause leader.
A few years later my spiritual journey is complete. I spent time delving introspectively and figuring out how I could best achieve the personal and global change I dream of. 8 years ago I envisioned The GOOD Museum. Now I am ready to embark on the journey of making my dream into a reality. Please join me.



At TGM we intend to showcase socially conscious installations from across the globe to present to the wider public. The museum plans to use eye-catching, startling, and sometimes disturbing art and media to create exhibits which will challenge visitors to examine their current relationship with the world’s pressing social issues. However, inspiration is a candle that is quickly extinguished. Therefore, our goal is not just simply to display art - TGM will actively 
collaborate with nonprofit organizations to capture the captivated visitor to turn his or her inspiration into social change. Representatives from nonprofits will be invited to stand at each exhibit in order to engage visitors and empower them with the tools to begin the change. Visitors will discover which causes they are passionate about and offered access to social media, events, and social groups to act on the newfound inspiration. 

if a picture tells 1000 words,

we will tell the narrative of humanity

Ai Wei Wei